International road safety statistics

International road safety comparisons

image of BITRE report cover The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE) publishes an annual series of reports which compare Australia's road safety performance with that of other Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) nations.

IRTAD Road safety annual report

IRTAD road safety annual report cover imageThe Australian Government contributes road safety statistics to the International Traffic Safety Data and Analysis Group (also known as the IRTAD group). IRTAD publishes an annual series of road safety reports.

Global status report on road safety 2015

Global status report on road safety 2015 coverThe United Nations resolution which established the Decade of Action for Road Safety called on Member States to take the necessary steps to make their roads safer, and for the World Health Organization (WHO) to monitor the situation through its Global status report on road safety series. This report, the third in the series, assesses the impact of changes three years into the Decade of Action and highlights where more action is needed.

This report shows that the number of road traffic deaths—1.25 million in 2013—has remained fairly constant since 2007, despite the increase in global motorisation and population, and despite the predicted rise in deaths. This suggests that interventions to improve global road safety are preventing increases that otherwise would have occurred. However, the report also highlights that the situation is worst in low-income countries.